Are diamonds a girl's best friend?

I've never considered myself a jewelry fan. From a young age, I was adorned with bits and pieces of gold, silver and diamond accessories that would be given to me and worn at special occasions.
I never resented wearing them, but had anyone of that age been given a choice, they would rather have Barbies or toys. Because let me tell you, that itty-bitty bracelet with your name across it, being worth it's worth, is completely useless for a modern day chick in her twenties. And don't get me started on the rings...

NEVERTHELESS, I've enjoyed a long period of accessory free teenage years, until the day I started working in a luxury (it's debatable) boutique in the middle of the West-Island. In this store were sold  beautiful pieces of gold plated earrings and bracelets made out of Swarovski crystals (or so I was told). After fooling numerous customers into buying these reasonably priced items, I was shocked when I stumbled on the exact piece of earring that was sold in Aldo. For 10$. 

I *confronted* asked my manager at the time about it, and was simply told that not everything was gold plated and with crystals. I felt a little foolish, however, that's when I started to be interested in costume jewelry. And so I went with 50$ shopping trips at Aldo Accessories, disregarding their customer satisfaction survey on their receipts that could've helped me save dozens of dollars (believe me, you should'nt ignore these surveys!).

Study time

Always nice to study in a relaxing environment, don't you think ;)  ?                     

La nouvelle lignée d'Ogx

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais j'ai toujours adoré renifler les shampoings dans les allées des pharmacies. J'ai donc eu la chance de tester la nouvelle collection de soins pour cheveux d'Ogx (Organix --- à ne pas confondre avec les produits organiques) et les odeurs sont divines. 
Poursuivez avec moi, je vous emporte en voyage ;)

Débutons en Floride, d'ou provient le palmier de Floride. Les bienfaits de cette plante incluent la capacité de traiter la perte de cheveux et de stimuler les follicules capillaires.  Ajoutons à cela une bonne dose de cafféine et voilà, réveillons-nous en matinée!
J'aimerai comparer cette gamme à une collection similaire offerte par Alterna Caviar Clinical, dont le kit de démarrage coûte à lui seul 122$ chez Sephora, pô cheap.

Le kit Fight Fallout revient à un total de seulement 32.97$, malin!

Continuons avec Bamboo fiber-full, contenant une infusion véritable de fibre de bamboo du Japon. Contrairement à d'autres compagnies qui offrent des produits similaires aux extraits de bamboo, Ogx est la première à infuser cette plante dans leurs shampoings. Ce produit aide à alourdir la masse chevelu, afin d'avoir un volume inégalé.

Allons rapidement en Finlande, découvrir la plaquebière, ou cloudberry,  qui contient les vitamines A. B, C, E, du calcium, du magnésium ainsi que des liposomes d'oxygène, qui donne un lifting léger de la chevelure fine aux tendances grasses.

Ces produits varient entre 9,99$ et 10,99$ et sont vendus chez Jean Coutu, Loblaws, Walmart et Pharmaprix. Merci à Ogx de m'avoir fourni ces produits à tester.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Re-Launch

Pictures modified with those from King Kylie Instagram

  I was scrolling on Snapchat yesterday at lunchtime, when I saw maG's latest snap. It involved  a 22k  traffic on some website, when it clicked in my head that she re-stocked her Lip Kit by Kylie line!!
  I went to the Lip Kit's Instagram, deleted. Same for the Facebook page, as well as for the website. Instead, Kylie's Instagram redirected to the new Kylie Cosmetics website. By the time I reached that page, I already managed to yank out the nearest credit card from my purse.

  I selected Dolce K, Candy K and Posie K. Added them to my cart, then realized that there was the 15$ international shipping fee. Who cares. I click on ''submit order'' and wait. After 2 minutes, I get a message that Dolce K was sold out. Like an idiot, I think that since I'm already paying a 15$ fee, I might as well add a third item from her collection. I do so by adding Koko, and I get a notification that my entire ''shopping cart'' was sold out. The only colors left were Mary Jo and True Brown, nice colors, but too much for me.
  So considering that I logged in the website a mere 6 minutes after her launch, I was disappointed that the only option left to get my hands on her products are the 800$ ones displayed on ebay. Yuck.

Thankfully, she'll be selling her stock every week!
I'm not a big Kardashian fan, but Kylie has, in her own way,  revolutionized the makeup world!

Petite matinée chez les Séphorettes...

Getting a discount at a Sephora store is a once a year opportunity. As a privileged VIB Rouge, I had the ''honor'' to attend their exclusive door-closed morning event.
You get a 15% discount on everything as well as a cute Sephora clutch containing deluxe sized samples. They also had the generosity to offer complimentary David's Tea samples and a tiny quinoa cookie (let's just say that I'm more of a coffee in the morning kind-of-person).

Verdict: There were BETTER events in the past for Rougies, but yeah, this event was slacking... Believe it or not, this might be my last year as a Rouge. Sadly enough, I don't feel that my business is valued with this company.

C'est le temps de l'amour

Cubicle decoration

I was ecstatic when I was told that I had carte blanche to decorate my cubicle in any way I wanted. The ones featured on Pinterest were cute, but I wanted something soothing and girly at the same time. Now I have one of those cubicles with the annoying wall fabric. I couldn't do much to cover it's hideous color, but here's a glimpse of what I managed to do until now.
BTW, the lampshade's fabric is removable and washing machine safe!

Most of the decorative elements were purchased at a discounted price :
  • Gold Flowers, 1.25$ each- Bowring
  • Fuschia and white flowers, 1.25$ each, Dollarama
  • Lampshade, 8$, Ikea
  • Lamp base, 13.99$, Ikea
  • LED Light Bulb, 5.99$, Ikea
  • Gold dot decals, 19.95$, Chapters

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